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Australian stock market becomes haven for tech startups

GUEST: The Asia-Pacific region has been picking up some of the slack we’ve been encountering lately within the technology merger and acquisition (M&A) landscape. While US capital markets are tightening, tech M&A activity in the Asia-Pacific region reached a three-year high during this first quarter. A growing number of early stage tech companies are setting sights […]

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The crossover is (almost) over: Public-market investors bail on tech startups

GUEST: Historically, mature private companies relied on “growth” or late-stage venture firms for their last round, or rounds, before filing for IPO. That ecosystem has been disrupted over the last few years as large public market focused investors entered the space. But just as the big money players flooded into the market, current economics are washing […]

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The rise of the blockchain asset class

GUEST: Bitcoin first cracked a $1 billion market cap on March 30, 2013. And by the following month, it had reached $1.504 billion. Meanwhile, the market for additional blockchain assets outside of bitcoin (“non-bitcoin blockchain assets”) was vastly smaller, totaling in at just $92 million on April 28, 2013. Less than three years later —  on […]

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